Milan, The Lakes, and Wine Country, Italy - 7 Day Food & Wine Tour

  • Duration : 7 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Lombardy
  • Product code : ITALY_MILANISEO
From USD $4,395.00


October 9-15, 2017


Join food and travel expert, Aida Mollenkamp, and the team behind Salt & Wind on a small, highly curated food-focused 7-day trip to Milan and Lago Iseo, Italy! 


We believe everyday should have an air of vacay, whether you’re on the road or in your kitchen, and aim to help you live an inspired life. We launched Salt & Wind Travel because we believe travel is way more fun when you do it with fellow food travel lovers and who better than you!?! 

Each Salt & Wind trip is highly researched and curated with Team Salt & Wind hand-picking each excursion and travel partner. We want to show you all that we love about a place and introduce you to our local friends so you get an insider's view into the region. Here's a few reasons people love traveling with us: 

  • Unique Experiences: Most of the experiences in our itineraries are one-of-a-kind and only accessible with Salt & Wind
  • Photographer: Each trip has a group photographer providing attendees with 10+ images daily so you can concentrate on the trip and not on your camera.
  • Concierge: There is a concierge on hand to help you with anything from extra activities to health issues 24/7
  • Expert Hosts: Team Salt & Wind has deep knowledge about each area we travel and partners with local experts.
  • Planned Itinerary: Our itineraries are planned so that each day has anywhere from 4 to 8 hours of activity. 
  • Free Time: That said we always offer some optional activities if you want to do even more and we always squeeze in some downtime so you can relax.  


Why Milan?

A mix of classical and creative, Milan is one of our favorite places right now. If you haven’t been to MIlan in a while, it's time to go back. The Expo of 2015 means the city has all sorts of new businesses, restaurants, and still plenty of the classic culture. And less than 2 hours away is the wine region known as the playground of the Milanese elite, Lake Iseo.

Trip Overview

Each food-focused trip where a small group of us will head on a 6-night, 7-day to northern Italy from Milan to Lake Iseo. The week will be a mix of chic urban and rustic rural as we head from newly creative Milan into Italy's premier sparkling wine region. Each itinerary includes expert-led food tours, art gallery visits, pop-up parties, cooking classes, market visits, wine tastings, boutique accommodations, a concierge, a group photographer, and morning yoga! Want some visuals? Check our Instagram and Salt & Wind coverage from prior trips.

What's Included

Here's what's included in the trip fare:

  • A group photographer so you can enjoy the moment

  • Market tours, art gallery visits, and pop-up parties with local creatives

  • Complimentary morning yoga

  • A group concierge to help with any extra events you may want to plan

  • At least 10 edited group photos daily

  • Group transportation to/from the airport in Milan and to/from all events listed on the itinerary

  • Boutique hotel accommodations with complimentary wifi

  • Meals listed in the itinerary (including 1 alcoholic drink at each lunch and dinner)

  • Tips for all meals, hotels, drivers, and activity guides

  • Wifi hotspots at all times

  • A few gifts from some of our favorite food & travel brands

  • A couple surprises! (You didn’t think we’d tell you every last detail, did you?)

The following are not included in the trip fare:

  • Any incidental expenses 

  • Tips for photographer and trip hosts

  • Required travel insurance

  • Any extra excursions or events you plan with our concierge

  • Transportation from your home to/from Milan, Italy

  • Hotel city tax (usually 3 to 5 euros daily) paid directly to the hote

  • Alcohol aside from for 1 alcoholic drink at both lunch and dinner

Have more questions? Check our FAQs or Contact Us.


Required Trip Insurance

Please note that trip insurance is required to join us on a Salt & Wind trip. FYI most major credit cards (such as American Express, CHASE Sapphire, and Capital One) offer complimentary insurance when you purchase using their card.

Minimum Attendees

Minimum Attendees: We only run trips with 8 or more guests. If a trip has fewer attendees at 30 days before the trip dates, we will cancel the trip. 


We have partnered with boutique hotels that meet the Salt & Wind standards of service. 

Room Options

Double Occupancy

Double occupancy pricing is the price for (1) person to stay in a shared (i.e. double) room. In other words, each person staying in that room will pay the posted double occupancy rate. If you're a couple or friends traveling together, please know that you'll each pay the double occupancy rate. 

Single Occupancy

Need some alone time? We hear you. That's why we offer single occupancy rooms. The single occupancy rate is what you will pay to have the room all to yourself. 


If you do not have a travel partner, you can purchase single occupancy room and have it all to yourself! We do not pair up trip attendees because we find there is not enough privacy in the rooms to allow strangers to room together.

For lots more info, check our detailed Itinerary and our FAQs!